Free Game Features in Slots

Slot machines are a huge part of the online gaming industry. Slots are the most popular game in any online casino, and new video slots with exciting bonus rounds are being released often. There are many different features available for players today, and we should use them to our advantage.

Before choosing a slots machine, find a good casino to play it at. There are many reputable brands, and online casino reviews usually will detail the ins and outs of casinos and all the table games and slots they have available. Once you find a casino, now it’s time to find a slots game.

The leading software providers such as; Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, Vegas Technology, Playtech and Rival all have enticing video slots that have high payouts and interactive bonus features. The most popular of all bonus features in slots is free games. These can help increase a players bankroll dramatically with multipliers and numerous free slots. Free spins are exciting and are usually triggered by a combination of scatter symbols.

Today, slots are being released that allow players to choose their bonus feature. Vegas Technology has recently released one of these games titled “Mile High”. Once the bonus feature is triggered, players can choose between the free games and multipliers. The player has a choice of 12 free games x2, 8 free games x3, or 5 free games x4. Which choice is the right choice? There is no way to know for sure, but if the slot is truly random the outcome of symbol combination’s would be the same no matter the choice. Therefore, it would only make sense to go with the higher multiplier, to most players.

Many players are modest and would rather take their chances with more free slots in hopes of winning more spins on the reels. So this game is unique and attractive to all players. It’s actually quite nice to have a choice when it comes to playing a bonus feature, and it is expected that many more of these types of slots will be released in the near future. Software developers know that slot players are always looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite slots.

All major software providers offer a long list of video slots with unique bonus features, so if you are new to online slots take your time and find one that works for you.